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Looking for Housemates

In case you haven't heard the news, sinboy, rosefox are moving out at the beginning of February, leaving hopeforyou and me to look for housemates.

Hope and I have finalised our advertisement for housemates. Since she's going out of town next week, we'd like to start interviewing potential housemates this coming Sunday and Monday evenings.

We want the word to be spread on poly and bi bulletin boards and mailing lists, and also in the general queer, kink and Pagan communities—we'd rather save CraigsList as a last resort. Recommendations for places to post would be appreciated, and feel free to just copy and paste this to anywhere where it's appropriate. Also, if you know anybody who you think we should consider as a housemate, even if they don't belong to any of the aforementioned communities, feel free to forward this to them as well.

Here's the ad:

We are seeking two people to share our four-bedroom house in the Glen Park district of San Francisco. Both of the available rooms are large and have lots of storage space, but the ceilings are a little low. They are not suitable for people who want views or ample natural light, but very suitable for people who want quiet at night. The rent for each room is $675 per month, plus $75 to $125 per month for utilities, including broadband internet. The deposit for each room is $800.

The two-level house is two blocks from a BART station and has easy freeway access. It features two modern bathrooms, a washing machine and dryer, and a small back yard. The dishwasher-equipped kitchen is a good size and it adjoins a dining room, which in turn adjoins a living room with a bay window. There's also a garage which is presently used for storage.

We are an opposite-sex poly couple in a primary relationship. We're not neat freaks but we prefer to keep the house tidy and clean. It's also important to us to keep the house clothing-optional. Jen is a 35-year-old software analyst/graphic designer who is currently contracted in Mountain View. Mik, a vegetarian, is a 32-year-old software developer who does other work on the side while waiting for his startup to start up. We sometimes do a bit of activism as well, and we like to live in a social household. Each of us typically has a friend or lover over a couple of nights a week and we host one or two social events per month.

We're looking for reliable, responsible housemates who know how to communicate respectfully. We want people who will be happy sharing common areas, easy-going but not afraid to talk about issues if they come up. We don't care much about age, gender or sexuality; we're kink- and trans-friendly and are both bisexual. Of course, we expect our housemates to be GLBT-friendly as well, and we do not want to live with drama queens, prudes, bigots or anybody who thinks nudity and polyamory are all about sex.

The rooms are available from the end of January 2005 and we need people who can start paying rent then. We are on a two-year lease that expires at the beginning of June; the lease will need to be renewed with your name on it if you want to stay after that.

If you are interested, please e-mail rooms@housedreamland.net. Please include a telephone number in your message.

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