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I don't miss doing four people's l*undry.

I don't miss worrying about how to support four people on two and a half incomes.

I don't miss mugs, socks, books, and cabling being scattered about the shared space and left to gather dust and trip people up.

I miss asking sinboy what I want for lunch.

I miss being downstairs and hearing mikz making hopeforyou giggle upstairs: loud enough to be vicariously enjoyed, not so loud that it interrupts what I'm doing.

I miss someone other than me doing the dishes. (I know hopeforyou would do some if she could stand up for that long; I don't blame her for needing to rest her leg. I still miss it, though.)

I don't miss mikz being so conservative with water that he fails to rinse all the soap out of the glasses.

I don't miss not being able to use the electric toothbrush or bathroom fan in the mornings because I'm afraid of waking sinboy up.

I don't miss having to pick up the clothes that people have shed in the living room and carry them down to the hampers.

I miss knowing that if I don't squeegee the shower doors after my shower, sinboy will get it after his.

I miss mikz being able to drop me off at work if I'm running late.

I miss knowing that if I can't be there to help hopeforyou when she's hurting, there are two other wonderfully capable people nearby who can.

I don't miss relying on sinboy to clean out the catbox as often as I want it cleaned out. It's not exactly my favorite way to spend my time, but at least if I'm doing it, I'm doing it often enough that I don't have to hold my breath when I leave my room.

I don't miss reminding other people that we have places to go or things to do.

I don't miss other people turning on the kitchen light (which reflects down through my window), walking over my head, or otherwise doing things that keep me up when I'm trying to fall asleep.

I miss mikz being surprised and impressed by how much I know about something, and having interesting conversations about random and varied things.

I miss randomly sticking my head into sinboy's room and being invited in to cuddle and smooch.

I miss all four of us hanging out together, sorting out family issues with a cheerful willingness to make things work as well as possible for everyone, sharing the latest gossip about people we know, and just being a family.

It'll be good to have them back.

This is, perhaps, a very predictable list, but I thought I'd put it out here all the same. *)

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