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Email I just sent re: travel to Australia in February

Figured I ought to post this, since I know some people were looking forward to seeing me.
To: australian_joe, sinboy, hopeforyou, mikz
Subject: Travel to Australia in February: probably not a good idea

I don't think I'm going, and I'm guessing other people aren't either. Why not? Lots of reasons:

* sinboy and mikz will be newly hired and won't have vacation time or leeway to take unpaid leave.

* hopeforyou will still be building up vacation time as well.

* I'll only have a week, and I've been taking too much sick time lately to want to take any unpaid leave; as it is, I'll probably work through that week of vacation time to demonstrate goodwill and make up for all of this unwellness.

* Even with all four of us working, we won't really be able to afford a big trip; we all have debt to pay off (including money that the household owes to each of us individually). It's not even certain that I'll have enough frequent flier miles built up for two tickets; if we wait another year, we'll probably have enough for three.

* australian_joe is making money hand over proverbial fist and will probably be coming here again right around the time we'd wanted to travel, most likely in January.

* Things have been tumultuous enough in the household that I want them to have more time to settle down without the interruption of a two-week international trip. We've seen how much can happen in just a few months. Let's take some time to normalize our lives before we disrupt them again.

So really, this doesn't make sense for anyone. I vote we postpone until a year after mikz and sinboy have gotten hired, so that we all have time to build up vacation time and goodwill at work, pay off pressing debts and set aside money, and plan to go sometime when it isn't quite so beastly hot: say, October. This doesn't mean we can't take a family vacation in the meantime--I would love to--but I think we might want to keep it to the occasional weekend someplace we can drive or fly cheaply to, at least for now.

I've been thinking about this for a while; it just hasn't quite added up, and now there are even more reasons for that. Of course we all want to go, and I certainly still want to plan to go when we can, but I think a bit of realism is called for, even though it's disappointing (as realism often is). I'm open to rebuttals, of course, but I don't expect my mind to change on this front.

Love etc.
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