Rose Fox (rosefox) wrote in housedreamland,
Rose Fox

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Rats! Help!

Our landlord is being a useless waste of oxygen, as usual, and has told us that we need to find an exterminator to get rid of the rat(s) inhabiting our walls (we've only actually seen one, but I've heard them fighting a couple of times *shudder*) since the ones he called didn't call him back (WTF kind of landlord can't manage to get an exterminator to keep vermin from chewing through the walls of his property?!). I would really appreciate any recommendations for exterminators who are thoughtful about things like not poisoning our cat (no, we can't sic the cat on the rats; he can't even kill spiders properly) and being as paradoxically ecofriendly as possible while still ridding us of this particular part of the ecosystem. We're in the Glen Park neighborhood of SF, if that makes any difference, and will happily pay high prices since the landlord will end up footing the bill anyway.

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